Pie and Ice Cream Wrap Up

Pie and Ice Cream Wrap Up

Joan Truax Wipf tells of the chickens living upstairs and the water was always frozen over in the morning.  Her mother lived in the Old Stone House and had many stories she shared with her children, Joan is her daughter.

Gerald Whitmore was born in the Old Stone House in 1928.  His dad drove the school bus.  They farmed the 100 acres that came with the house.  There was also a barn, crib, and chicken house.  Francis Whitmore Douglas and Viola Whitmore Price slept in the SE bedroom.  They are Gerald’s sisters.

Alice Duit took the train from Ackley to visit the Whitmores.  It came into Geneva and they walked the rest of the way.  Alice remembers playing with paper dolls on the North porch.

Joan, Gerald, Francis and Alice attended the pie and ice cream fundraiser last Sunday at the Old Stone House.  Several people donated pies and Schwans brought the vanilla ice cream. The Geneva 4H boys, under the direction of Dallas Hofmeister, served ice cream and learned to cut pies.  102 people signed the guest register.  The weather was perfect and a light breeze wafted through the house as people sat the two tables inside to eat their pie and ice cream.  They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and that idiom rang true on Sunday.  People told stories, shared memories and laughed a lot – All around the kitchen table.

At the end of the day the pies were all gone and over $600 was raised to help repair the Old Stone House interior.

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