Victorian Mourning Customs Featured at Fair

Costumed interpreter Wendy Zohrer as a Victorian lady in mourning

The Franklin County HIstorical Society (FCHS) invites attendees of the Franklin County Fair to meet a Victorian lady in mourning as interpreted by Franklin County native, Wendy (Meyer) Zohrer.

Zohrer will be wearing mourning dress appropriate to a widow in the late 1800’s. She will display and interpret family mourning jewelry, remembrance cards, and additional clothing articles.

Zohrer will explain a widow’s stages of mourning, what family members are required to wear, and how a home’s decor would change to symbolize a family in grief. Visitors will discover how some of these practices have carried over to our time. You are welcome to bring your own family mementos and stories, she would love to visit with you about them.

Visitors will find the Victorian lady at the FCHS museum according to the following schedule:

Friday, July 19, 2013 and Saturday, July 20, 2013, from 10:00 AM to Noon, and again from 1:30 PM TO 5:00 PM. Visitors are invited to bring their questions, memories, and family memorabilia to share with Zohrer.

The Victorian mourning period began when Queen Victoria’s husband died in 1861 and continued until her death, January 22, 1901. Because this beloved queen of England had a huge impact on style, the depth of her mourning affected the rest of the world.

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Wendy Zohrer

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